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StayCations – Adventures with Sarah

Our new reality requires a new approach to group travel. Traveling in large groups, hitting as many destinations in as few days as possible are concepts that don’t really work with our times. We don’t see that as a bad thing, in fact, this is an opportunity to slow down, creating travel experiences that have meaning. Our new “StayCay” concept is a deep dive into destinations in a brand new way. Spend at least three nights and up to a week enjoying the same hotel room and getting to know a place in depth. While we will hit a few traditional highlights on these tours, we will also utilize our guides’ expertise and local knowledge to help you see through the lens of a local.

As with all of our tours, our StayCays offer a great value for your money. We may not do “Luxury Tours” but all of our accommodations and meals are a cut above typical tour offerings. Our groups, topping out at 7-15 people, give you a chance to feel like you’re traveling with a small family rather than an industrial-strength tour operator.



$ 2695 – 8 days/7 nights, max 12 guests

Naples is a city that can easily fall into stereotypes, but with this Staycation, you will live la dolce vita like a local. We will cook, explore ancient landscapes, eat more pizza than you thought possible, and understand this misunderstood gem.

Venice Rialto_Unsplash_Damiano Baschiera.jpg


$ 2350 – 6 nights, max 10 guests

Explore the famous floating city with local residents. Become a part of the unique fabric of la Serenissima sleeping on the island. Walking the labyrinth and exploring the lagoon, stepping on and off boats like a true Venetian.

Rome scooter and taverna_Unsplash Karl Köhler.jpg


$ 2400 – 6 nights, max 12 guests

Rome is more than just a city, it’s a living being that stretches far beyond the Aurelian Walls. In this unusual tour, we will explore beyond the typical itinerary and focus on getting to know the Rome that tourists don’t see. We will visit churches, archaeological sites, and museums that have few visitors, then spend time in the historic countryside.



$ 2400 – 6 nights

The colorful villages and rocky beaches of the Cinque Terre have delighted visitors for decades. But what if there was more to it? In our week-long tour, we will explore beyond the tourist crowds, meet wine makers, hike, swim, and explore the coast in a private boat.



$ 2550 – 6 nights, Max 7 guests

Tuscany is justifiably famous for scenery and food, but also for tourist crowds. In this tour, we will find unknown villages and sample local specialties that few travelers come across. You’ll get to be a temporary part of a Tuscan/American family, staying at the home of our local guide, Roberto Bechi.

We’re here to help you plan your next adventure!

Already know where you would like to travel, but you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the planning process? We can create custom itineraries to any destination in the world for groups of almost any size, or answer questions and provide recommendations. It’s best to contact us well in advance, so we have time to research and prepare, as well as find time in between leading tours in order to meet (virtually)!



$2500 – 7 nights

Tucked into the northwest corner of Italy, Piemonte is one of the most prosperous and less visited regions in Italy. Castle-topped hill towns will delight you with stunning view of farms, fields and vineyards and the magnificent mountains that surround much of the area (pied=foot and monte=mountain) will beckon to you to gaze at their natural beauty and visit hidden sanctuaries. During our week together we will enjoy walks in the countryside, visit a cheese farm, enjoy some local wineries, exquisite food, visit the largest elliptical cupola in the world at the Sanctuary of Vicoforte and delve into the rich history of the region.

Komiza Alternatura.jpg


$2850 – 8 nights. Max 10 guests

This staycation is all about taking in the essential Dalmatian sights and experiences: historic towns, idyllic stone-built villages, sampling strong red wines and their crisp white counterparts, tucking into freshly caught fish, sipping grappa with locals, sailing the deep blue sea and taking in panoramic vistas and gorgeous sunsets. We’ll split our time between the mainland and the islands with 3 nights in a real charmer, Trogir. Then it’s island life for next 5 nights on Vis, where where the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs, Venetians, Austrians, French and British all popped in for a visit. All of this with a minimum of cruise ships or mass tourism.



Istrian Foodie Staycation


TBD 2022 / Tour Leader: Andrew

$2750 – 8 nights. Max 6 guests

Croatia’s Istrian peninsula is known to many of it nearby European neighbors for its numerous gastronomic delights. Truffles, home-made pastas doused in hearty goulash, air-dried prosciutto and a five year run as the world’s best olive oil region are just a few of culinary treats to delve into here. Add to this a mix of tiny medieval hill-towns (which make those in Tuscany look like metropolises), ancient Roman ruins, untouched nature, rugged Adriatic coast and a handful of charming Venetian seaside cities and you’ve got yourself the perfect spot for one of our new staycations where nothing is more than an hour’s drive away. We’ll spend the first four nights in the seaside town of Rovinj before heading into the interior for four nights in one of its magical hill towns.