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Traveling is back in full swing and so is our tour calendar! But if a tour isn’t in your budget right now, there are other ways you can support me and my work.

My goal at AWS is to bring the world to you, whether it’s a coffee chat on Facebook, pretty travel photos on Instagram, or travel writing and packing advice on this blog.

My content is free so that I can share my love of exploration with as many people as possible.

Your support also directly funds Guide Collective, an organization I founded to create innovative travel experiences and content.

How to Contribute

If you’d like to support me on a regular basis, consider subscribing to my Patreon. Subscription-based donations start at $5, and will give you access to monthly events, giveaways, and discounts on future tours.

You can support me at no cost by shopping Amazon or luggage maker Tom Bihn through my link.

If you’d like to send a one-time tip, you can use my virtual tip jar on Paypal: Please note if your tip is for me or for Guide Collective.

Support Can Also Be Free

Support comes in many forms! If you love what I do, simply sharing my work is a big help.

You can share on social media, or contact your local news or radio and ask them to invite me on. Everything helps the cause of better travel.

Honestly, I’m kind of a proud and independent person, I hate asking for support. I would far rather do what I do for free, just because it is my passion.

The reality is I want to keep doing what I love, which includes writing and creating videos, and providing them to you for free!

Your help, however modest, will keep me at my desk, writing, creating, and sculpting a new vision for better travel.

Grazie di Cuore,


There are plenty of creative ways that friends of this blog have helped us, from grocery gift cards to wine. Even just a little note of encouragement is appreciated, sent to:


AWS, 7511 Greenwood Ave N #427, Seattle, WA 98103