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You’ll have to bear with me, I’m a creative sort. Artists tend to be afraid of accountants and lawyers, and that pretty much describes me. But I’m supposed to tell you some things about this blog to comply with FTC guidelines.

Yep, I Make a little Money off this Blog

  • I am an Amazon Affiliate. That means that when I talk about a specific product, the link to that product goes to Amazon. I get a tiny percentage of whatever you buy from Amazon when you click through my page at no extra cost to you. That money does neat things like pay for cello lessons for my son. I write for myself and don’t get paid otherwise, so it really helps!

  • I am an Affiliate with AutoEurope, a company that I think is really cool and does a great job for travelers. Renting a car with them also pays me a tiny percentage, which buys my kids neat things like shoes.

  • The other ads on here are through Google Adsense, if you click on them, I get a small amount of money that pays for my kids to buy books.

  • If you watch my YouTube videos, those also have advertising from which I make a tiny bit of cash to buy my kids important stuff like deodorant. Hey, I live with a teenager, that’s important.

Product Recommendations

If I am recommending a product on this website, it is only because I really like it. I never accept money for product positioning or endorsement. Occasionally companies offer to send me their stuff for free so that I’ll write about it. That doesn’t guarantee that I’ll write something nice about it, because honesty is my game. If I got something for free I will mention that.

Yes, I work for Rick Steves

I’ve worked for Rick Steves for almost two decades and I am a writer for his guidebooks. This blog, however, is not affiliated with Rick Steves, and the opinions expressed therein are my own and do not reflect on Rick Steves Europe. If I am in any way promoting RSE or their products and services, it is unpaid and I do it simply because I love our company.

Your Data

Advertisers like Google and Amazon collect data about their users. You should know that. I only get the data you give me, and I may use that to contact you about super cool things like my tours or art sales. If you don’t want to be contacted by me, just shoot me an email at and I’ll take you off the list.