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September 16

We are in Matera starting Adventures with Sarah and Lisa’s Dolce Italia, Puglia Tour, looking at the contrast between the impoverished past and the amazing transformation that is reviving this vibrant city.

Early morning in Matera, always stunning without filters.

Snapshots from of the first few day of our Puglia Tour. Our adventurous group is enjoying some of the less trodden corners of Matera, Gravina and Altamura.

September 19

After spending the first 3 nights in Matera, the group enjoys a wine tasting on the way to Alberobello where we will spend the next 2 nights.

September 23

The tour is spending 3 nights in Caprarica di Lecce and visit the Parco Archeologico Egnazia in Puglia.

Ready to walk Trajan’s road at the Scavi di Egnazia. This city’s history covers 30 centuries!

September 24

A gorgeous fall day in Puglia exploring Polignano a Mare, the ruins of Egnazia, good food, and company, and a stunning sea!

September 26

Tour ends in Lecce!

Discover the magic of Basilicata & Puglia

Puglia and Basilicata are fascinating, yet under appreciated regions of Italy. If we think of Italy as a boot, these regions cover the heel and instep, sandwiched between Adriatic and Ionian Seas.

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