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September 30, 2022 – At the moment, Turkey is the best value you’ll find in travel. The Turkish Lira is way down which means we Americans have a little more cash in our budgets than we might have planned for. Because of this, I thought we’d do something special for a celebration meal and experience some adventures in eating.

I picked turkfatihtutak which is a modern Turkish restaurant with a stellar young chef. The menu is set, with about 6-8 courses of artistically prepared bites. It takes about 3 hours although we were there more than 4 as I do like my long, slow meals.

Every course was delightful, with flavors in unusual combinations. The young staff was eager to do it right. I was most surprised by the wine pairings. The last time I was in Turkey, the wine was truly horrible. In the few years since, though, there’s been a great change. We had a couple of different classic method champagnes, a couple of whites, and a particularly good Syrah. What a delightful surprise.

A land where east melts into west, Turkey’s Turquoise Coastline…

This is where cultures of the Middle East and West melts into a whole new lifestyle. Discover the ancient world of Lycians, Carians and Romans around the turquoise coasts of Turkey. We’ll trace the life of a Roman merchant in the lagoons of Caunos and the greatest city of the Romans, Ephesus the sacred port city dedicated to fertility for many ages. Experience the daily life of the eastern Aegean villages while comparing the grapes of ancient vineyards where wine was first fermented and traded all around the old world from Greece to Egypt.

At the end of the meal, they invited us to take a tour of the kitchen and meet the chef, who was lovely.

It’s well worth seeking out this restaurant if you’re in Istanbul, especially because it shows a different side to this vibrant city. It’s not just Sultanahmet and tourism. There’s a youthful, cosmopolitan culture if you go looking for it.

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