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StayCation — Naples

OCT 14-21, 2022 — POSTPONED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2023 [SEP 18th – 26th, 2023]

Naples is a city that can easily fall into stereotypes, and it is difficult to identify the complexity of its culture and society, which has characterized the city throughout the centuries. The life that fills the streets of Naples has always surprised visitors to the city. Walter Benjamin was the first person to define the city as porous, much like the tufa and the black piperno volcanic rock of Vesuvius on which it rests.

“Mangia, mangia” ,this typical adagio of Neapolitan mothers, “Eat, Eat!” could be a suitable anthem for the City, with its wide variety of markets and street food, trattorias and classy restaurants and latterly with the evolution of home restaurants. The colorful open-air markets of the Quartieri and Spaccanapoli display a wonderful selection of fresh fruits, vegetables and fish, which are the ingredients that compose the simple yet succulent great Mediterranean dishes and, also, the wonderful Pizzas.

Naples, is the capital city of a region, Campania that has a lot to offer. During our week together, we will explore the treasures of this region. Capodimonte and National Archeological museums, breathtaking archeological sites, amazing Royal Palaces and Opera Theatre. And we will stroll the streets of the most colorful and interesting city neighborhoods, but also adventure in the Neapolitan countryside. All this well tempered with wonderful and fun food and wine experiences.…

Tour Guide: Lisa Anderson

DAY 1 — Introduction to Napoli and Pizza

Our tour will begin at 3pm at the Hotel Oriente in the center of Napoli. After a brief orientation we’ll take a walk around our neighbourhood to get a feel for the city before learning to make one of Napoli’s most famous of foods, pizza margherita, in a hands-on cooking class.

DAY 2 — La Sanità

A quick ride up hill will take us to Capodimonte Museum, home to one of the most important art collections in Italy, including works by Titian, Bruegel and Caravaggio. We’ll stroll through the amazing Capodimonte Park, hunting place of the royal Bourbons and enjoy one of the best views of the city on our way to the Catacombs of San Gennaro, a unique burial place that takes us down to the vast Naples underground and resting place of their patron saint. Upon coming back to the surface and having built up an appetite, we will partake in some of the mouth-watering delights with a street-food tour and get to know the city a little better.

Free evening and dinner on your own

DAY 3 — I Decumani

Our morning will begin with a guided tour of the Cappella di San Severo, a unique baroque jewel, where you will admire the Veiled Christ and learn about the story of the noble alchemist, Prince Raimondo di Sangro di San Severo.  We will also enjoy a tour of the Museo Archeologico Nazionale MANN which houses the most important collection of Roman artifacts in the world along with the Farnese sculpture collection. You have a free afternoon to find lunch and explore Naples on your own before we regroup this evening for dinner and concert.

DAY 4 — Caserta and Capuae

This morning will take a short drive us to the opulent Royal Palace of Caserta.  A Bourbon Residence, started in 1752 or king Charles VII, it was completed by his son Ferdinand IV.  We will have a chance to learn about this intriguing family as we enjoy a tour of the palace and stroll in the garden.

After lunch we will make our way to what architects believe might be the first colosseum built in Italy, the Amphitheater of Capuae.

DAY 5 —Pompeii and Wine

Using the first train line ever built in Italy, the Circumvesuviana will take us to the base of Mount Vesuvius.  An active, sleeping volcano, it erupted in 79 AD and destroyed 4 roman cities: Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis and Stabiae.  We will visit the spectacular archaeological site of Pompei with a local expert this morning before making our way to lunch in a local winery. 

Return to Naples for a free evening and dinner on your own.

DAY 6 — I Campi Flegrei

Our morning will begin with a visit to Cuma, known as Kyme in the ancient world, it was the first Greek settlement on Campania’s mainland and the archeological ruins in Baiae give us a glimse the VIPs of ancient Rome who had extensive villas here.  With the help of a glass bottomed boat their secrets will be revealed.  

Free evening and dinner on your own.

DAY 7 — Isola di Procida

We’re going to take a ferry to one of the lesser-known isles off the coast of Naples.  One of the Flegrean Islands and a UN Culture Capital, Procida, with its pastel colored house and clear blue water will enchant you. We’ll take a taxi around the Island before getting checked into our hotel and you can wander as you like this afternoon or just sit on a beach and relax.

DAY 8 — Return to Naples

After one last breakfast we will pack our bags and return to Naples. Our tour will end around 11:30am at our tour hotel where you can pick up any luggage you didn’t bring to Procida.