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$3800 Double / $4500 Single

If Estonia is known for anything, it’s about being a very digital country. Less is known about its cultural wonders. However, in the civilized world that has lost its roots, Estonia and Estonians are deeply rooted. They are rooted in their land, in their traditions, in their identity. The traditions of doing handicraft, preparing your own food, singing the old songs and telling our grandparents’ stories have never stopped here. And it’s really a miracle.

Estonia is home to noteworthy medieval castles, manorhouses and towns from the Middle Ages, but also to indigenous cultures with their own dialect, their own songs and dances, specific food, beautiful national costumes and amazing handicraft. Many of these phenomena are now listed on the UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Take, for instance, the Cultural Space of Kihnu island that will amaze you with womanpower and the most breathtaking red-striped handicraft skirts, or Setomaa – the land of Setos, where you can feel the wisdom of centuries, admire the fantastic silver jewellery and hear unique polyphonic singing. Meeting the people who live in these areas and in these cultures never ceases to enrich me. I strongly feel that the different small cultures of Estonia have something that is vanishing from the modern world. They have a deep connection to their ancestors, to their roots and traditions, and I feel like they are from a fairytale. Like all in all fairytales, these people have their own challenges, but with their ancient wisdom they can make it work.

It has become my passion to show these wonderful people at these unique places to my guests from all over the world. I love how the guests are surprised, and engaged in different activites. And even though the locals and the guests don’t always speak the same language, they understand. Il love seeing these interactions, how people from different cultures become meaningful for each other. I also love seeing how the locals are enlighted by the guests. It’s really a two-way street, at least in our cultural tourism destinations, which can in no means considered as mass tourism destinations.

One of the reasons I love doing these cultural tours is that they are meaningful for me as well. Every time I learn something new, I meet someone new and if not else, I can see familiar places through new eyes – those of my guests. — Helen, tour leader

The first destination in Europe I ever fell in love with was Tallinn, Estonia’s medieval capital. I have visited many times since and over the course of the past 25 years, explored more of little Estonia, always finding something new, something hidden. I have known Helen since 2007 when I hired her as my guide in Tartu and Setomaa region of SE Estonia when I took my father there. There are many amazing little roads less traveled here and we have the perfect guide to show them to our guests looking for a new Adventure.  — Andrew Villone

Limited space is available, with a maximum group size of 14.

Day One

Overnight: Pärnu

Welcome to Estonia

Morning pick up from Tallinn city center. Visit to Haapsalu, a pretty seaside town with wooden houses and impressive castle ruins. In early 1800 it became a spa town and the Russian czars claimed Haapsalu as their summer retreat. Visit the Episcopal Castle, which was renewed for visitors in 2019.  Lunch in one of the town’s cute and excellent restaurants/cafes.  After a short drive, we will have free time and welcome dinner in Pärnu.

Day Two

Overnight: Pärnu

Isle of Women

Excursion to the island that is often called the Isle of Women. As no buses are allowed on the island, the tour will be on trucks! Lively women in striped skirts and red patterned headscarves, old grannies clicking their knitting needles, fishermen bustling around in the harbour, melodious chatter in Kihnu dialect, village parties and dances, modern day interlaced with traditions—visitors will be amazed by all of this. Kihnu Cultural Space is enlisted on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Day Three

Overnight: Viljandi

Traditional handicrafts and folk art

Depart Parnu and travel to Viljandi. Since 2022, this town is one of the UNESCO Creative Cities (Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art). Tour in Viljandi Visit the Traditional Music Center, pluss a small concert of traditional music. Lunch at Restaurant Fellinn. Bonefatius guild (closed on Sundays) – handicraft guild featuring textiles, ceramics, glass and restoration workshops, with emphasis on the Middle Ages vibe. Unique souvenirs in the store. Workshop: paper cards. Free time and dinner Viljandi.

Day Four

Overnight: Võru

Wool and culinary traditions of Mulgimaa

Visit Mulgimaa: another interesting ethnic region. They are going to have their signature food on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. Murese farm – sheep raising and absolutely fabulous mittens with local patterns. Mulgi heritage center with workshop and lunch with ethnic cuisine. Drive to our spa hotel. Stop at Sangaste to see an impressive manor house that looks like a castle and is a very popular wedding venue.

Day Five

Overnight: Võru

Sauna, spa and wine

Morning walking tour in Võru followed by a visit to Mooska farm, the most famous sauna farm. The smoke/black sauna tradition of Võrumaa belongs to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. They have very nice tours there, and they also explain how they smoke pork in the sauna. 

Lunch at our favorite restaurant/cafe Suur Muna and then a wine tasting and farm tour at Uue-Saaluse Wine Farm. Free time at the spa. There are also very beautiful forest trails where the guests can just walk

Day Six

Overnight: Tartu

Music and cultural heritage of Seto peoples

The most unique cultural heritage region of Estonia. Seto leelo, the singing tradition of Setos, belongs to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. Admire the old traditions, fabulous clothes, impressive singing – the whole range of traditions that are still alive. Visit the Obinitsa Orthodox church and cemetery then dress up as a Seto at Obinitsa Museum. One group member will be dressed up in the Seto national clothes. The show will give the guests a great insight into the culture, history, values and mindset of Seto people. Concert of Seto leelo, the traditional plyphonic singing. Seto cuisine for lunch then a some shopping at Old George’s soap shop which is a great example of running a successful business in the middle of nowhere. Visit to an open-air musem on the way to Tartu, Estonia’s second city. Dinner in Tartu.

Day Seven

Overnight: Tartu

Exploring Tartu – 2024 European capital of culture

In 2024, Tartu is the European Cultural Capital. It is 2nd largest town of Estonia, a university town (founded during the short period of Polish reign in 1583), full of young people. Walking tour in the city includes the old town, Jaani church, and the ruins of Dome church. Leisure time to enjoy the vibe and perhaps take in some special events for culture capital status.

Day Eight

Overnight: Tartu

Following the Onion Route 

It’s called the Onion Route along Lake Peipsi, because the local people specialize in cultivating onions and the Peipsi onions are famous all over Estonia. It has 3 cultures: German landlords heritage, Russian old-believers and Estonian peasantry. Visit to Alatskivi manor house, museum of Old Believers. Lunch at Turgi farm, very good home-made food, and it’s also a handicraft farm. Dinner back in Tartu.

Day Nine

Overnight: Tallinn

Medieval Charms of Tallinn

Afternoon walking tour of Tallinn, one of Europe’s great medieval cities. It’s also a UNESCO Creative City (Creative City of Music) and the Old Town of Tallinn as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Day Ten

Overnight: Tallinn

Exploring UNESCO Tallinn

Tallinn is a UNESCO Creative City (Creative City of Music) and the Old Town of Tallinn as a UNESCO World Heritage site. First half of day at leisure with optional cooking workshops. Farewell dinner at Olde Hansa Restaurant (Andrew’s favorite spot to dine in since his first visit here in 1999)

Day Eleven

Tour is over after breakfast. Your guide will assist you with departure if needed.

Price: $3800 (Air not included) per person for a double room. Single Supplement is $700. We welcome singles and if you do not have a travel partner, please sign up for a single spot. In the event that a roommate is found, your booking can be changed to a double before final payment is due.

Deposit Policy: You can secure your spot with a nonrefundable deposit of $600.

Tour price includes 10 nights’ accommodation in clean, comfortable, and centrally located hotels, all breakfasts, 5 dinners, 5 lunches, and other sights listed in itinerary, transportation within the tour, tips and taxes.

Tour begins at 10am in Tallinn city center, nearest airport is Tallinn Airport (TLL ).

Tour ends in Tallinn. We can arrange transfers for an additional fee.

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