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Southeastern Turkey: Culinary, Cultures and Crafts

SEP 22 – OCT 2, 2022


This is another in our series of “Trust Us” tours. Detailed itinerary will not be given out ahead of time. We will give you a flavor of the tour later this summer as we post live from many of the locations in south eastern Turkey during our expedition there. Keep an eye on AWS social media channels and this page for more photos, videos and descriptions of some of the amazing experiences this tour has to offer!

Tour starts in Istanbul for 2 nights. We will not be doing the regular sight-seeing of historic and cultural places. (there  will be a 2 or 3 day add-on before the tour if you want to see all that Istanbul has to offer). Then spend the next 8 days in Mardin, Urfa (or known sometimes as Sanliurfa), Gaziantep and Antakya/Antioch (also known as Hatay region). Tour will end morning of the Day 11 (MAY 6th) with transfer to Hatay (HTY) airport where there are direct flights (between $40-90 USD) to Istanbul.

While culinary/food is #1 on this tour, what makes this area so interesting are the many different current cultures (Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic, Christian Arabic) and cultures from the past (Hittite, Roman, Persian, Seljuk, early Christian). The tradition of crafts plays a big part here as well whether it’s filigree jewelers, coppersmiths and silk makers or crafts with a more culinary connection like butchers and baklava makers. Between tastings, demonstrations, some amazing restaurants, home cooked meals with families, a few wineries (this is not Slovenia when it comes to wine) and just eating as we go walking through bazaars and shops, no one is going to leave with an empty stomach – that is for sure!

Price: $3200

Tour Guide: Andrew Villone and Taylan Tasbasi

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