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Piedmont Pleasures


A New Staycation in Spring 2021

Rolling hills, quiet villages, quality food and wine all in a region that few travelers have explored. Join us for our inaugural tour of the Pleasures of Piedmont with veteran guide and adopted local Lisa Anderson.

Tucked into the northwest corner of Italy, Piemonte is one of the most prosperous and least visited regions in Italy.   Castle-topped hill towns will delight you with stunning view of  farms, fields and vineyards and the magnificent mountains that surround much of the area. Piedmont (pied=foot and monte=mountain) will beckon to you to gaze at natural beauty and visit hidden sanctuaries. During our week together we will enjoy walks in the countryside, visit a cheese farm, enjoy some local wineries, exquisite food, visit the largest elliptical cupola in the world at the Sanctuary of Vicoforte and delve into the rich history of the region. The home base for our tour will be the lively and liveable city of Cuneo.

Why Cuneo?  This city is lovely,livable, not at all touristy, has great food and one of the largest weekly markets in northern Italy.  Cuneo also has about 8 Km of porticoed streets and lively pedestrian zone which makes it a great place to stay rain or shine to experience la dolce vita.


Day 1- Cuneo

In the late afternoon we meet in our centrally located hotel for a tour orientation.  The take a stroll to get the lay of the land and enjoy and apericena in one of the towns many chic locals. Weather permitting, we sit outside.

Day 2 – Market Day

Market Day in Cuneo (Tuesday).  Morning with a local guide to learn more about the town of Cuneo and enjoy the many flavors that the market has to offer followed by lunch together.  Finish with a visit to a ciocolateria to learn about the Cuneese al Rhum chocolates that the city is known for and the rest of the day will be yours to explore as you like.

Day 3- Langhe

Wonderful walks, food, and wine.  After breakfast, board our private bus and head towards the Langhe, home to some of the most influential wineries in Italy.  After a morning walk with splendid views, enjoy a multi-course lunch in a medieval castle followed by a visit to a grappa distillery and learn to appreciate the many nuances of this digestive liquor. Arrive back in Cuneo in the evening where you can explore more or relax as you like.

Day 4 –

Cheese, Beer and Pinocchio

This morning will include a tour of a local caseificio to meet the cows and learn why the cheese in Piemonte is so delicious.  After an early afternoon break, visit to the mountain town of Vernante for a visual journey of Pinocchio through the towns many murals.   After our stroll we make our way to the Troll Brewery learn about beer making and enjoy an Italian BBQ with carne alla brace for dinner.  


What’s Included

More lunches than dinners…working a marvellous lunch into a fun filled day is an important part of Italian culture, especially while on vacation or on weekends.  It also gives your body more time to digest and sleep better which is an important part of the culture. By including more typical lunches than dinners you can decide whether you simply want a light meal or to wine and dine in the evening too.  Cuneo, has many bars where apericenas (drinks plus light food) are all the rage.