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June 16

And…away we go!

After a busy week and a rather unexpected trial with the Paris accommodation, we are on our way to France. Lucca, Nico, and I are joining the Adventures with Sarah Paris Staycation, already in progress with Trish Feaster at the wheel. We are so excited to enjoy one of the most lovely cities in the world and do it with the AWS sense of off-beat exploration. My friend Julian Brown will be guiding with us as well, giving our guests a top notch team.

For those of you wondering, Julian and Trish found a hotel for me and the kids, and Airbnb agreed to pay a small part of it. It’s not the resolution I wanted, but it’s ok. As travel comes back with a vengeance, we all need to take a deep breath and be as flexible and patient as possible.

I truly appreciate all of the kind offers for help, even offers to pay for our hotel or stay in followers’ homes with them. We are overwhelmed with your kindness and sense of community.

I reflect often on how extraordinary this community is. I don’t know how I got so lucky. Running the tours of my professional dreams with clients that are more like a big family, and enjoying the fellowship of 50,000 likeminded travelers. My heart is full.

On y va, see you tomorrow in Paris!
Love, S, L & N

June 17

We’ve arrived! Let the Adventures with Sarah and Sons, French Summer Edition, commence!

Bonjour from the top of the Montparnasse Tower! French summer, Adventures with Sarah style!

After a smooth and easy flight, the kids and I have arrived in Paris. Getting into town is easier than ever. Rather than bus and transfers to metro, the RER light rail connects the city and airport in about an hour. We were at our hotel too early to check in, so we dropped our bags and started exploring.

Paris is just too adorable

Our Paris Staycation tour is staying near the Montparnasse tower, so that was our first visit of the day. Parisians joke that this 1960’s office tower is the box the Eiffel Tower came in. It’s so ugly, no other skyscrapers were allowed inside of the peripherique after it. My take is that it is a far superior visit than the Eiffel Tower, because there are no lines, no hassle, and you have a stunning view of the city (including the Eiffel Tower.)

The food here is magical as always. We started with coffee and baguette, moved on to hot goat cheese salad for lunch, and after a long nap, my friend Trish Feaster joined us for Vietnamese.

Vietnamese for dinner! I am a huge fan of the French-Asian mashup that is Vietnamese food. So many flavors!

I’ve been guiding tours in Paris for 20 years, and I am so thrilled that we are offering a week long deep dive into the parts of Paris most people miss. More adventures in Paris to come!

June 20

We are in Disneyland Paris! If you want to see the video for that, head over to my youtube adventures playlist:

In the meantime, here are some tips you can use!

  • Stay in Paris and take the train, it’s only an hour on the RER.
  • Leave before closing as the last train is packed!
  • Go early or late, but the best time is in the evenings. Both parks quiet down around dinner time.
  • Make a dinner reservation ahead of time. If you don’t do a seated dinner, you’re doomed to eat hamburgers.
  • Bring snacks, the concessions are not nearly as good as Disneyland
  • You must buy tickets at least a day ahead, they don’t sell them at the gate.
  • Download the Disneyland Paris App to house your tickets and fastpasses, and also for a map with wait times.
  • Take a break mid-day.
AWS Staff

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