Sarah's Packing Checklist


All of Sarah's favorite things mentioned in this blog are available in here. This packing checklist should get you started but you should personalize it to your needs. The key to packing smart is to pay attention to the overall weight, which means you should keep track of the weight of individual items. Use a sharpie and mark things as you weigh them.

Don't know where to start or what things weigh? Get Sarah's custom packing app Packupine, which will help you generate a packing list from your criteria and add the weight up for you.


Master Packing List

Tops Bottoms Outerwear Underthings Toiletries Electronics Day Bag Shoes Other Luggage Moneybelt
Long Sleeves Long Pants Rain Jacket Light Socks Toothbrush Cell Phone Sunglasses Walking Shoes Zip-Loc Bags Backpack Passport
Short Sleeves CapriPants Heavy Coat Heavy Socks Toothpaste Headphones Guidebooks Sandals Packing Cubes Rolling Bag Credit Cards
Sleeveless Shorts Light Jacket/Fleece Underwear Dental Floss Tablet Books Trail Shoes Laundry Line Packable Carry-On Local Currency
Sweater Skirt Vest Bra Deodorant Charging Cords Notebook Flip-Flops Clothing Soap Daybag US Currency
Cardigan Dress Gloves Pajamas Comb/Brush Plug Adaptors Pens/Pencils Flats Plastic Cutlery Health Insurance Card
T-Shirt Belt Scarf Swimsuit Hair Fasteners Back-Up Battery First Aid Kit Slippers Washcloth Driver's License
Leggings Hat Face Cream Camera Stain Remover Shopping Bag Plane Tickets
Shampoo Laptop Water Bottle Moleskin Reservation Vouchers
Conditioner Extension cord Tissues Earplugs
Razor WetWipes Flashlight
Shaving Cream
Body Soap
Foundation/Face Powder
Contact Lenses/Solution
Make-up remover
Nail file/clippers

Sample Women's Packing Checklist for a 2 Week Trip


Specific product recommendations can be found HERE


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