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Cucina Quarantena Resource List

A well stocked kitchen is a part of living a gracious life. Quality tools and a pantry of staples will make it easy to create any of the recipes featured on Adventures with Sarah’s Cucina Quarantena. Support Sarah’s work by buying through these links.




High quality cookware is a gift that gives for life. Most of these pans have been in my kitchen for more than 20 years, and all look and feel like new. If you buy something, shouldn’t you buy the right thing and buy it once? My pick for cookware is All Clad. A starter set will cover the basics, and then add special pans to your liking. My favorite pan is the Chef’s Pan (also available in the lower priced aluminum finish), but I also use the saute pan, sauce pan, pot, and multicooker. Every kitchen should also have a solid roasting pan, although I admit to having a cheaper knock-off.

The series comes in a variety of finishes, my favorite is the dishwasher safe stainless steel finish. The copper core versions are nice, but probably not worth the upcharge.



We’ve all got the same pyrex baking dish in our cupboard. But did you know that more beautiful, easier-to-clean, sturdier baking dishes exist? Emile Henry is a French bake wear brand that makes colorful pieces that last forever. I most often use the large baking dish and the square pan for brownies and such. I am currently coveting their butter bell for my collection.

I use thick jelly roll sheets for baking, lined with a silicon mat. For cakes, Nico recommends owning two heavy duty round cake pans. Be sure to stock parchment paper for baking projects.


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