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Egypt and Jordan

March 5-17, 2020

Egypt, the “Land of the Pharaohs”, should be a bucket-list destination for every traveler. The list of sights we will see is impressive and long: the great pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, mighty Karnak Temple, the Valley of the Kings and Queens, the temples of Edfu and Kom-Ombo, and finally, the wondrous Abu Simbel. This is an iconic checklist that can’t be duplicated anywhere else in the world. We also add the amazing experiences of a classic Nile Cruise, an evening of Nubian gastronomy and entertainment, the great mosques of Islamic Cairo, Khan-el-Khalili bazaar, and more. And, were this not enough, the tour concludes with the pre-eminent sight in the region, the hidden city of Petra in next-door Jordan.

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Join us on an adventure in Egypt!

Egypt needs almost no introduction – you have likely dreamed about seeing the icons of Egypt such as the Pyraminds and King Tut. On this tour we will see those sights but also expand your understanding of the Ancient Egyptian past. You’ll soar above the Valley of the Kings in a hot air balloon, watch the banks of the Nile pass from your stateroom on a Nile cruiser, and taste the life of Indiana Jones as you wander the markets of Cairo (no whip necessary). Besides the classic Egyptian travel experiences, we will also introduce you to contemporary Egyptian culture, the Islamic religion, and wrap it up with a day aboard a yacht enjoying the natural beauty of the Red Sea.