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StayCation — Dalmatia

JULY 3-11, 2022 — SOLD OUT


This staycation is all about taking in the essential Dalmatian sights and experiences: historic towns, idyllic stone-built villages, sampling strong red wines and their crisp white counterparts, tucking into freshly caught fish, sipping grappa with locals, sailing the deep blue sea and taking in panoramic vistas and gorgeous sunsets. We’ll split our time between the mainland and the islands with 3 nights in a real charmer, Trogir. Then it’s island life for next 4 nights on Vis, where where the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs, Venetians, Austrians, French and British all popped in for a visit. All of this with a minimum of cruise ships or mass tourism. We finish in Split, home to Roman Emperor Diocletian’s Palace from the 3rd century AD. Want to spend some extra time in Split or check out the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik? Let us know and we can customize a post-tour for you.

Vis island is Croatia’s furthest island away from the Dalmatian mainland and contains just two small towns, an assortment of tucked-away villages and exactly zero mass tourism monstrosities. And boy do we like it this way! You can get blasted on terrific Plavac wines in a underground cellar that use to be a military bunker, nosh on some seriously great lamb slow cooked for hours, visit ancient vineyards planted by Greeks that once served as RAF runways for Allied B-24 bombers, duck into a small blue cave that is Croatia’s answer to Capri, sail the Adriatic in a traditional wooden sailboat that fishermen once hauled in their daily catch or just find your own secluded cove and chill for the day. As the old tourism slogan here went: the Mediterranean as it once was…

Tour Guide: Sarah Murdoch

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