Small Pleasures in Travel


I'm just back home and enjoying a little down time. Sitting in my garden, watching the tomatoes grow is one of my favorite small pleasures. It's not exciting, but seeing the progress every day is very satisfying.It got me thinking about travel and "bucket lists" and getting a "Wow Moment" out of every day. While climbing the Eiffel Tower or seeing the Crown Jewels may feel like the charge you expect from travel, I'd propose that a glass of rosé on a park bench might be a delight. The small moments are even better, because that's where you'll find connection.I have a few little things that please me when I travel. Take these as ideas and try them, or come up with your own. It's the little things that make the trip worth taking.

Coffee in Really Local Bar

Italians drink coffee. Lots of coffee. When I tell you that most of my friends drink 4-6 espresso per day, I'm not joking. It's what punctuates the day, taking 5 minutes to belly up to the bar and take a breather. I like to seek out places wherever I go that are slightly dive-y, a little ragtag and where English is definitely not spoken. I'll order a macchiato, which always takes the locals by surprise, and just listen to the clatter of the local scene. If I speak a bit of the local language, I'll try to talk to someone, and I'll usually embarrass myself somehow. A coffee at a really local place should cost about $1, and it's the best money spent to have a real moment with the people around you.

Staying In

A surprisingly delightful small pleasure is going absolutely nowhere. I travel a ton and never get to go home for the night. If I'm in Budapest, I feel really pressured to go out and have a cool meal and explore. But down time is important, and if the hotel room is nice-ish, I really enjoy staying in and watching TV. Sure, I probably won't understand what's being said, but it's kind of fun to see what other people like to watch. More than anything, it's a guilty pleasure to do nothing and actually take a vacation from your vacation.

Shop at the Supermarket

This is possibly my favorite simple pleasure in any country I go to. Exploring a supermarket tells you so much about the culture. My favorite part of a visit to Asunción, Paraguay was wandering the store and trying to decipher what was on the shelves. They love Dulce di Leche! Huh. Grocery stores in London sell mostly pre-made food. French groceries all have enormous cheese counters that smell delicious and disgusting at the same time. I'll take $5 and buy something weird to try. Even if I hate it, that's cool. It's an adventure!

Take a Taxi

I've been programmed to be a good budget traveler and stick to public transit in big cities. Most places have efficient and cheap systems. But occasionally I just don't want to. I'm tired. I'm hot. I'm feeling lazy. Or maybe I just need to feel pampered. Spending $10 on a cab or an Uber to my next destination is just luxurious. An extra bonus, you'll often get some inside information. London cabbies are famous for "The Knowledge" and know the city inside out. I recently took a cab in Naples and had such a fun conversation with the driver, the ride was more fun than the destination!

Eat Something Typical

I have my eating patterns in the places I go. There are dishes I just simply must eat in each place. It's fun to do a little research before going to a new place to find out what the specialties are and give them a go. For me, it is soothing and also great entertainment to find the perfect steak with Béarnaise in Paris. Mango and sticky rice in Thailand is one of the most decadent things I look forward to. Anywhere in Italy I look for mozzarella di bufala because you really can't find the same thing in the US. And don't get me started on Swiss Rösti. I'd be devastated to miss eating that greasy bomb of hashed browns and cheese when I'm in Switzerland. Every place I go, I have found a certain thing that brings me pleasure and I make that my habit. It's like being a local.

Indulge a Hobby

What is your hobby? Collecting postcards? Woodworking? Mounting insects in shadow boxes? Taking pics of your pet in costumes? Whatever your thing is, there are people in every country that are into your thing. I like to knit and sew, and I go looking for shops or exhibitions on those things. I once ran into a knitting expo in London and almost died of happiness. My people! I just bought some fabric at the queen of department stores in London, Liberty, and had almost more fun talking to the salesman than I did choosing a fabric to take home. It's good fun to find locals that share your passion.

Find an Underrated Museum

The major museums of the world keep getting more crowded every day. The crush makes it less enjoyable for me. The secret is, though, that every city you could possibly visit has underrated, empty museums that are interesting and worth your time. In London, Sir John Soane's Museum is one of my favorites for its eclectic weirdness. And I'm an architect, so I kind of get him. In Cambodia, I took my group to a landmine museum after seeing Angkor Wat. It was a tiny, thoughtfully made exhibit that was deeply moving, and we were the only ones there. When I have taken my kids to Pompeii, we've left that for the end of the day, instead enjoying the Villa Poppea excavations that are little known but incredibly preserved. The smaller museums can be hit and miss, but the experience is always personal.


I'm no fitness nut, and a few years back I'd have only run if you'd chased me with a knife. But now that I'm getting a bit older, running seems to be the only way to counteract the pasta and cannolo. Running in foreign cities is just wonderful. Even in places I know like my own hometown, like Rome, I'll find new corners as I trot along. Running along with locals can be fun as well, and many cities host runs that anyone can sign up for.

Early Morning Photo Safari

I'm also no morning person. Seriously. But I do like to take pictures. There is no better time to photograph any city as early in the morning. The streets are empty, usually being cleaned. They light is perfect. The sleepy dew of the night rolls off every surface. It's magical. If I can get my running shoes on, an early morning run and photo shoot is a solo traveler's delight.These are some of my simple pleasures. I find them more memorable than the big stuff, and sitting in my garden, listening to the zucchini grow, I enjoy thinking of those small moments. What are your favorite small pleasures when you travel?