Embracing my Wild Soul

Travelers are often people with a common thread inside of them, and those of us with travel in our souls can spot each other. That thirst for new information, a curiosity about other people and cultures, there are many characteristics that set the wild ones apart from the rest. I've struggled with that difference, to be honest. Not everyone can deal with or appreciate people who are wanderers, and I get why. Stability and dependability are important values in our culture. Some of us, however, cannot be tamed. Rather than pretend that you  will conform, sometimes you just have to roll with what you are, embrace your wild soul.A thing I've come to learn about writing a blog is that lots of people will send offers. Free gear in exchange for reviews. Guest blog articles, which are like advertisements. Requests for content to promote a brand. I am very picky about what I respond to because this blog is such a cool thing, a great community that I want to protect and keep personal and high quality. Occasionally you get an interesting offer. I was contacted by a woman named Paula Jessop, a life coach who writes a blog on self fulfillment. She has put together an online summit of speakers on a variety of topics with the theme "Unleash Your Wild Gypsy Soul" and she asked me to participate. I really enjoyed talking to her and liked her concept, which is to use inspiring ideas to change lives, to connect people to their true selves. I think that my basic philosophy and evolving mission with this blog is fairly similar, so I agreed to participate.Last week we had a videochat interview that she recorded. She will be featuring our conversation on her video summit, which is free to view, on November 5. I wasn't sure what to expect, but our interview was lovely. She asked great questions, trying to get to the heart of what I do. We discussed women's roles, what it's like to travel on your own,  being empowered and taking risks to find the right path for your life. Scary and wonderful things. Before we started, she said that her goal for our interview was to get something from it that a viewer would connect with which could potentially change their life. Big goal, to be sure, but I felt like we might have met it. I thoroughly enjoyed how the conversation went, maybe you'll enjoy it too. You can register for access to the series of interviews and then see my piece on the 5th, which should be available through the 6th.Paula is featuring a variety of other speakers in her summit. I've watched a few and they are interesting, maybe you'll find some inspiration from the other speakers as well. I'm pretty pleased with how this interview went, I hope you will sign up to watch on the 5th. Click on this link to register and she will email you when it airs: http://wildgypsysoulsummit.com/SarahMurdochAs always, thanks again for being such a wonderful and supportive community. Many adventures are ahead!