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Sometimes It’s Not You, It’s Me

Meeting a new place is a lot like meeting a new person. You observe. You read their signals. You make judgements. You can't help it, it's just how we all process new information. As a travel writer, I try to be objective about every place I go. Some places can be boring, lame, or scary. Or are they? If I come across a city that I just don't like, I have to wonder, is it the place or is it me?

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Faith, Loss and Notre Dame

Standing in the hotel lobby in Morocco, I hear a gasp and someone say- Notre Dame is on fire. That can't be. How could it? But I check and there it was. A half hour later, video came across my screen of the central spire falling in the ball of flames engulfing the cathedral. It's a scene from a surreal nightmare.The flames are dying down now, but the damage is done.

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Little Language Lesson: Thai Tips

December 2: Our Travel Advent Calendar continues today in Thailand, the "Land of Smiles".In any part of the world, savvy travelers know that attempting to speak the local language is key to a good experience. Not only is it polite to know your please and thank yous, most locals will not expect it and will be delighted by any attempt. It's ok to make mistakes, it's the effort that counts.

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