Aging Creatively

Unrelated to my normal topics, I wanted to let you all in on an event that I am involved in. I'm working on a festival called the Creative Age Festival, which will take place in Edmonds, WA on April 15/16. It's a really interesting concept, two days devoted to speakers and artists with the intention of inspiring people who are retired or approaching retirement. Many people who retire aren't sure of how to approach that new chapter of their lives, we are working to help them find a passion that will be engaging and fulfilling. Life-long learning at its best.There will be fitness classes, art classes, travel classes, technology classes and a variety of interesting speakers from all walks of life. This is the only festival of its kind in the US, and this is the inaugural event!The keynote speaker will be Dr. Pepper Schwartz, who is justifiably famous amongst University of Washington grads for her classes in human sexuality. There will be lots to learn on many topics, both spicy and mild.And guess who else will be speaking? Me! I'll be teaching a class on starting your own blog, which should be really fun even for those who are terrified of their computer. Registration has opened today, check out our website at I'm also the social media coordinator for the event, so even if you aren't in the Seattle area, I'd love it if you could help spread the word. I've got Twitter and Facebook pages for the event and will be posting info on the event over the next few weeks. If you are in the Seattle area, I hope to see you there :)