Adventure Time in the Cinque Terre

I am fortunate to have a fun job that takes me to beautiful places. Even more so, I am especially fortunate to have great friends in all kinds of interesting locations. Even if I've been somewhere like the Cinque Terre a bizillion times, I find new ways to enjoy and explore a place through those friends.You may remember that I had an Italian in my basement this past winter, the lively Giuditta. I was in Monterosso recently, one of the villages of the Cinque Terre, where she lives and got a chance to visit with her and her family. They own a hotel nearby and a great restaurant called "Il Piccolo Diavolo", which is a reference to a movie character Giudi is named for.My birthday was in late June while I was there, but Giudi couldn't come celebrate because the restaurant has been so busy. As a belated present, she took me out the other day. She wanted to show me how the locals go private boat.Over the past 20 years, I've done just about everything in the Cinque Terre. I've hiked, gone to the beach, taken trains and boats, checked out churches and wineries. I've worked on the guidebook there before and have looked at most of the hotels and restaurants. Never before, though, have I ever taken a private boat to wherever I wanted for some swimming. It's never even occurred to me. This was a new adventure. You know how I feel about adventures (WHEE!!!)I met Giudi at the boat dock in Monterosso, she'd brought Prosecco and focaccia for a sunset aperativo. We got in the little motorboat and were whisked away down the coast. We passed all five towns, and I wondered what the destination was. She didn't say. Eventually, the driver, Andrea, pulled over in a small cove just south of Riomaggiore. There were a couple of boats anchored there but not a soul around otherwise.Sarah Murdoch in Cinque TerreWe jumped into the warm water of the Mediterranean, and while I imagine us a two sleek and sexy divers elegantly slipping into the waves, I think we were more like seals flopping with a splash into the water. The water was silky and fine, with cool undercurrents. Did you know that the Mediterranean is really, really salty? Did you know that makes you float really easily? As I'm not exactly a skinny girl, I enjoyed floating along, bobbing like a cork. So very relaxing!I had been swimming all day out in the waters just off the beach of Monterosso. It was hot and crowded and the water, when looked at from a certain angle, had a sheen of oil that could only be washed-off sunblock from the hoardes of sun worshippers. Ick. However, down in the little cove there was nothing but clean and clear water as far as you could see. I could see my toes and the rocks far below.Cinque Terre SunsetWe swam like mermaids, diving down and back up again, with absolutely nobody around. As the sun set, we got back in the boat and opened the Prosecco. We ate focaccia and occasionally tossed pieces in the water. The fish were practically jumping out of the water to eat it, I could have grabbed one with my bare hands.The driver took a slow cruise back towards Monterosso, stopping out in open water for a gorgeous sunset view. I couldn't help myself, I jumped in the water again. As soon as I did, I heard the driver mumble that he doesn't like swimming out there...too many sharks. Oops. Back in the boat.After more Prosecco and fine conversation,the driver headed in. I sat in the back in my swimsuit, wind whipping through my hair and a glorious sunset on the horizon. It was like something out of a movie. Queen of the world! We had been gone for almost three hours but it seemed like minutes.We finished our night at a hidden bar on a cliff high above Monterosso, chatting with locals and munching on fresh fruit. As I sat there I marveled over how, even in a place you've been many times, there is always more adventure to experience. Can't wait to share this particular one with my little son next month.Want to give it a try next time you're in the Cinque Terre? Contact Andrea at Tiburon Boat Tours-