10 Travel Resolutions

Welcome to a new year, a new adventure! I spent my first day of 2017 being productive at...sitting on my mother's couch. Even busy girls need a break! It gave me the chance to think of what I can do better this year, how to elevate my work and life in general.I've made some resolutions, as we all do at this time of year. I'm not resolving to do things that will never come to pass, but rather some small goals that I think are reasonable.#1- Drink more water. I don't ever drink enough water, I'm already too full of coffee or wine. Those don't count as hydrating, I know, so I'm resolving to be a good girl and bring a water bottle with me everywhere.#2- Laugh more. There is no better way of connecting to new people than by having a good laugh. It's hard if you've just met, though, so I came up with a strategy. I don't know any jokes. Not really any. There is no file in my brain for them. So, simple idea, I'm going to ask people I meet to tell me a joke, and I'll write it down if it's funny. Email me your best joke to get me started!#3- Go somewhere new, somewhere REALLY new. I find it interesting how comfortable we can all become in travel. We create habits to make other places more like home. And then, sometimes, we go somewhere that really rocks our world, that wakes us up to the possibilities. I'm doing that. And soon.#4- Stop procrastinating about dream trips. You may be surprised to know that I have dream trips filed in my head too. Botswana! Thailand! Disney World! Hot air ballooning! I never have the money or time or...or...or... basta! Enough. Those are all excuses. I will never be rich enough, skinny enough, in the right place or any of the other narratives that get in the way. I'm over it. I'm going.#5- Spread a little love along the way. I occasionally bring little gifts for my friends from Seattle, chocolates or Seahawks stuff. You never know who you will meet, so I'd like to start traveling with something personal that tells about me and the place I'm from. Some tour members recently gave me pretty business-type cards with their contact info and nice photographs, sort of like an old-fashioned calling card. I'll bring a few of my own in my travels this year, as well as a small stack of my block prints. I'm working on one of Seattle, so I can leave my art and my city with a new friend.#6- Pack earlier. I always preach the gospel of a well-packed bag, but do I practice what I preach? Sometimes. But sometimes I procrastinate. This year, I swear I will have a fully packed bag at least a week before departure. And I'll blog about it!#7- Be more consistent in my blog. I've been thinking about this a bit lately, that I'd like to develop a more dependable schedule for you. I sort of write when inspiration hits, but I'm going to try to improve. I'm thinking that each week I'll do a destination post, a packing or product review post, and a random post. Sound good? If you have ideas of things you'd like me to write about or regular topics you'd like me to cover, let me know.#8- Add more art and more fun into my tours. I have been honing the content of my tours for a while, but this year I'd like to kick it up a notch. My focus is to add more of the arts that aren't found in a museum- experiencing art through music, dance, literature. So, bring your dancing shoes if you find yourself on a tour with me, or maybe, just maybe I'll get up the guts to sing to you!#9- Draw and paint more while traveling. I've never really taken my art very seriously, but you've all changed my mind on that front. Painting and drawing are such an enjoyable way to connect with a destination, as I wrote about here, getting back to doing it regularly is a goal.  If you've never tried your hand at drawing or it's been a long time, a trip abroad is a great time to give it a shot.#10- Be more spontaneous! The best travel experiences are usually the ones I cannot predict, the ones that just happen. My trip to Greece and my road trip across Italy with a girlfriend were two of the highlights of my year. Both were planned the night before. Leave room in your plans for no plans at all and see what happens. That's when the magic starts!